Substituting REALITY with my own… I try.

A quote from Moja

“Keeping your attachments makes you strong, but losing them makes you stronger as well… space is an illusion. if you think deep enough, you will realize that all the people we encounter are connected to us”

This will always be forever relevant. Thanks Moja ❤ ❤ ❤

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Resha Photography on Tumblr

Random photos here all taken by me 🙂


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The person they call…

So just a few minutes ago the person called my “Emmie” delivered her speech about how we(my mom and I) have to shape up. Saying all the household chores and whatnot should be done by females and not by the guys ( my two uncles), she also said that work is not an excuse and something, I shut her out after 5 minutes of talking. But what I did catch irritated me to the core, that my current self won’t pass her standards.


The last time I check, I was trying to pass the society’s standard, not yours. All so don’t tell I don’t give a damn about family. If I DIDN’T, I WOULDN’T BE HERE.

One more thing, stop acting like you own the house, MY GRANDFATHER BUILT IT NOT YOU. IF you want throw fit, go do it in your own house and leave us alone. STOP BEING A STRESSOR TO EVERYONE!

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faux smile for the lonely person

Ingingiti ko na lang kahit nalulungkot na ako

Ingingiti ko na lang kahit nasasaktan na ako

Ingingiti ko na lang kahit ayoko na

Ingingiti ko na lang…

Ingingiti ko na lang…

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So many things running through my head…

I don’t even know where to start.

It saddens me that I couldn’t even call our house a home anymore. It doesn’t feel like it. It just happens to hold a bunch of people together showing faux love and care and all that hoopla. I miss my Papa, he’s the only one I could cuddle up to to make ‘lambing’ he’s my one and only ally in that house. There’s apparent lack of communication going on, I wanted to talk about what’s bothering me, but no one would want to listen. When I asked my mom for a hug, she refused to give me one.

So last night (as dramatic as it sounds) I cried myself to sleep and gave my self a hug.

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